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Animation 2D - 3D
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2015 - Present, Graphiste

Digital & print, graphic design, book, marketing, SNS, catalog for VIP

Oscillating between past and present, tradition and modernity, the VOLEVATCH endeavor is an unmistakably beautiful story. In 1975, during his flea markets strolls, Serge Volevatch - then intended to pursue a career as an urbanist - discovered a genuine admiration for period style bathrooms.


Through his constant determination to protect an exemplary French craft industry, Serge Volevatch has evolved against the current of formatted contemporary logic. His work’s true value is found in the timelessness and excellence of an inherited know-how where beauty, technicality, and innovation are marvelously intertwined, offering the utmost pleasure to the content owners of his precious creations.


Kilo architecture

2013, Graphiste (Stage)

Web design, identity, book

KILO is an architecture firm based in Paris and Casablanca.

Questioning the limited scope of the architect’s traditional role, KILO has developed its practice upon the theory that architectural strategies should be integrated into a project long ‘before’ and ‘after’ the conventional intervention of architects. Working closely with clients during site determination, programming, and the economic development of the project, the office engages in the definition of the architectural project from its very inception. KILO believes that playing an integral role in the ‘non-architectural’ aspects of a project results in a stronger design solution.

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2005-2007, Graphiste

Graphic design, print, book, book cover, photography, poster etc.

Force aérienne de la République de Corée, est la branche aérienne des Forces armées sudcoréennes. Elle est sous la tutelle du Ministère de la Défense nationale.

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