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Oscillating between past and present, tradition and modernity, the VOLEVATCH endeavor is an unmistakably beautiful story. In 1975, during his flea markets strolls, Serge Volevatch - then intended to pursue a career as an urbanist - discovered a genuine admiration for period style bathrooms.


Through his constant determination to protect an exemplary French craft industry, Serge Volevatch has evolved against the current of formatted contemporary logic. His work’s true value is found in the timelessness and excellence of an inherited know-how where beauty, technicality, and innovation are marvelously intertwined, offering the utmost pleasure to the content owners of his precious creations.

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In-house graphic design projects
Graphic designer

Over the years, as the sole graphic designer of the company, I have worked to gradually develop all areas requiring visual communication from scratch. The company’s revenue has more than doubled as a result. Recently, there has been a significant increase in VIP clients, and I have primarily focused on creating customized presentations or designing catalogs to meet their specific needs.

1. Brochures / Presentations for VIP clients
2. Organizing, enhancing, and retouching images and drawings
3. Developing graphic identity, communication materials (Site, BI, CI, SNS)
4. Creating various catalogs and brochures, presentation sheet
5. Producing advertisements and posters for magazines or internet

Print & digital

Portfolio, 11 pages - Slide show :


Artwork Photomontage

SNS Pinterest, Instagram, e-mail

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Advertisement Press, Magazine, web


Catalogue, Brochure Print & web

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